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That Negative Voice Still Holding You Back?

Affirmation Pod delivers the calm, positivity and self-love you need to live your best life.

Premium Members Get Access to Premium Content PLUS BONUS Affirmations and Playlists You WON'T Hear on the Podcast! 


FAQ: How do I Cancel or Change Subscription Settings?

May 6, 2013

How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to, login and tap Cancel Subscription.  Even if you cancel your subscription, you can still listen to the Affirmation Pod podcast on the app for free.


My credit card statement says "LIBERATED SYNDICATION."  Is that you?

Yes, that's the service we use for hosting...

FAQ: What do I get with Premium Access?

May 5, 2013

What do I get with Premium Access?

You get all the podcast episodes with no ads and no announcements!   You also get bonus episodes you won't find on the podcast and bonus playlists.  A few favorites are "Keeping Boundaries," "Progressive Relaxation from Toe to Head" and "I Live in Abundance."

You can listen through the...

FAQ: How much is Premium Access?

May 5, 2013

How much is Premium Access?

$5.99 for a recurring monthly subscription

$28.99 for a recurring six month subscription

$49.99 for a recurring twelve month subscription

Payment options are credit card or PayPal

You can cancel at anytime

Sign up for premium access at, then download the app at