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Apr 9, 2017

Managing a Sense of Safety?

From Listener Danielle who wrote in with this request

"Hello, My name is Danielle and I'm a relatively new listener to the affirmation pod. I love it so much!! It's already been so, so, so helpful to me!!! Thank you so much!!!

I've really started to focus on self-care starting in December when I realized that I had a lot of unpacked issues from growing up with an emotionally abusive alcoholic father. I'd like to request an episode related to safety and security. Often I tell myself things along the lines of: "I am safe. People want me here. I am worthy of people in my life who support and uplift me. Friends/strangers/coworkers do not want to harm me, insult me or degrade me."

I'm not sure if these are the best affirmations because a lot of them depend on other people, but I'm not entirely sure how to handle my lack of safety and security. A lot of times I'll be talking with someone and my internal voice goes "You're annoying them. Stop talking." when really they're listening to me and keeping the conversation going.

I'm trying to rebuild my trust with others, rather than defaulting to fearing others. Maybe others can relate. Thank you in advance. -Danielle"

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