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Dec 29, 2015

Affirmations for Technology-Life Balance

Thanks Cindy and Asmâa for suggesting this topic!  

This is my time to focus on a Technology Life Balance

I reflect on what times of day I’m vulnerable to wasting time in technology

I recognize my weaknesses when it comes to technology

I address where I’m not happy with my use of technology

I choose a specific time of the day to check my emails and reply to phone calls

I am not reactive to each notification ring, ding or buzz that I get

I pace my responses according to the schedule I have set for me

My apps are in alignment with my goals

When I notice any app taking me off balance, I move it or remove it

I have the discipline to put technology away

While I may be afraid of missing out on something online, I need to consider what I am missing out on offline

I clear time in my schedule to not be in technology

So I can be in nature

So I can be with myself

So I can work on offline life

So I can work on my offline goals

So I can have a technology-life balance

Technology serves my purposes, I don’t serve it’s purposes

It doesn’t control me, I control my interaction with technology

I am free to check my smartphone at long intervals instead of short ones

I train my nervous system to focus on relaxation and not urgency

I give myself time to be alone with my thoughts

There are so many alternatives to checking my smartphone so much

When I feel bored, I have more options than going to my smartphone

When I feel lonely, I have more options than going to my smartphone

When I have free time, I have more options than just engaging with technology

I can stretch my body, take deep breaths, go for a walk, journal, read a book, exercise or make a gratitude list.

I can garden, write a poem, paint, hike, scrapbook, visit the library, clean, organize, declutter, repair a household item, dance, sew, ski, surf, swim or build a model train

Accessing technology is no longer my default activity

I achieve technology - life balance through respecting clear and firm boundaries with my self and with my device  

This means I am clear on how I want to manage my time in email, social media, and text messaging and I stick to it

I know how to tell myself no and I exercise this daily

I recognize where too much tech time hinders my growth and development

I carve my own path and stick to it, even when others are glued to their devices

I am alive for a purpose and it’s not to have technology rule my life

I am a master at setting parameters on my tech use

I set myself up for a happy, healthy and productive life by incorporating technology and not falling prey to overloading on technology

Not everything needs to be instant

And I can exercise discipline, endurance and self-control with any and every incoming message

I’ve got great tech-life balance

And that helps me stay mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually in shape

I am grateful for technology

I am grateful I can use it to my advantage and not my disadvantage

It is a tool to increase my quality of life

I quickly and easily shave the unnecessary

If I have anxiety when not being able to access technology, I address it

I remind myself it’s okay to just turn it off for a while, I will survive

Instead of training my nervous system to be on alert for a notification, I train my nervous system for serenity, relaxation, and mindfulness

I foster values of health, safety and balance when engaging with the internet

I check in with myself regularly to see where my technology-life balance is at

I know how to detach from my phone physically and mentally

Technology doesn’t take me for a ride, I take technology for a ride into my goals, my ambitions, my personal development

I am a master and role model for technology-life balance

I feel fulfilled with how I control when I am online and when I am offline

I know what strategies work for me and my technology-life balance

I am free to determine how and when I engage with technology

I am managing all areas of my life well and this includes technology

I am balanced when it comes to health

I am balanced when it comes to technology

I am living happily, freely and confidently

I have technology-life balance

Affirmations by Josie Ong

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