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Aug 7, 2016

Affirmations When Stressed Out

This month’s theme is Stress Management and you can get the free worksheet at

Since these are affirmations for when you're feeling stressed out, I got into them pretty quickly.


Hey reaction, it’s time to stop

Hey negative thoughts, I’m putting on the brakes

Hey anger, I hear you, and you can sit down now

The stressor ain’t going to change because I’m freaking out

Hey nervous system, I am choosing calm over stressing out right now

I don’t care what time of day it is, I am restarting my day

It’s time to reset my nervous system

I deserve better than to freak out, stress out and totally overwhelm myself

I deserve better than to give myself that

I am evolving and changing how I react

It’s incredible that I’m catching myself in this stressed out state

And I am calling on every single emotional muscle I have to pull myself into a relaxed state

I know it’s so easy to take the stressed out path

Because I’ve done that for so long

But it’s not the person I want to be today

It’s not the person I want to be now

I wanna be someone who can experience the stressor without reacting this strongly 

I acknowledge there tension that is here

I acknowledge the tension in my body

I acknowledge the mental and emotional impact of what’s happening here

And I acknowledge the circumstances

I also know that self-care is a channel that I need to use right now

That I need to connect with right now

I am taking deep breaths

I am picturing my power to overcome this

I am in touch with my core

I shake out all the stressed out vibes

I feel them exiting my body now

I am not avoiding the stressor

I am controlling how I respond to the stressor

Yeah, I’m becoming someone who stays collected

And not frazzled

I feel my call for tension to stand down

I feel my jaw ease

I feel my shoulders relax

I feel my hands soften

I steer my mind to what helps settle my body

I am doing an amazing job with this

I am strong to improve my stress management skills

I am brave to try something new here

I am clear on the direction I’m going in

I am clear on my best stress management strategies that I will choose to do and use after I listen to this

My stress management skills aren’t just ideas, they’re not just thoughts or things I’ve put on a piece of paper

I’m applying them, I’m doing them, I’m becoming them

I will now focus on what will get me through in the best way possible for me

Affirmations by Josie Ong

Please note:  next month's worksheet is the Self-Care Worksheet.  In your answers for the Stress Management Worksheet, think intervention meaning what to do when stress happens.  Save your prevention strategies for the Self-Care Worksheet.

The sister episode to this one is Episode 216 Maintaining Self-Care During Stressful Times



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