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Mar 9, 2016

Affirmations When Grocery Shopping

For Tonya - healthy eating, here we come! 

Alright, it’s time for some grocery shopping

I resolve now to mindfully purchase items that are in line with my health goals and desires

Eating begins here, well before I ever taste it

I am aware of the variety of products in this store

But I have a clear focus and strategy for this trip

What I bring home is what will live in my kitchen

What lives in my kitchen is what will live inside my body

What lives in my body will impact how I feel

So I will stick with what’s offered on the perimeter of this store, rather than what is in the middle of this store

Even when there are great deals, I take a moment of opportunity to reflect on whether this is in sync with the way I want my body to be

I purchase without overpurchasing or underpurchasing

I monitor how much food I will need until my next trip

I am mindfully purchasing foods based on what I want in my life

I am mindfully declining foods based on what I want in my life

I am mindful of everything I know about nutrition

I am mindful of everything I know about empty calories

I remember that eating to avoid facing problems is creating more problems

I know which foods are my weakness and I know how to say no to buying and eating them

I can make changes and adjustments to what I put in my body

Food is a life source

I am choosing food wisely

I am choosing food happily

I am choosing food consciously

I am taking care of my body

I am taking care of my life

I am taking care of my overall health

Grocery shopping is part of my self-care plan

Affirmations by Josie Ong

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