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Sep 28, 2016

Money Management Affirmations

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Affirmations for Money Management

Money has many different meanings. Here are some of mine.

Money doesn’t bind me. Money frees me. I exercise wisdom in every financial decision I make.

I’m aware of how I’m spending, saving, investing and donating my money.

I recognize where I need to save more. I recognize where I need to spend more. I monitor my money management skills and am open to new ways of managing money. I examine my values around money and check if they fit the person I am today.

I know the level of savings I am comfortable with. I know the level of risk I am comfortable with. My mind is clear on my financial goals and plans.

I consider and explore various ways to manage money. I focus on what fits for me and go with that. I make the details fun and I love knowing I am financially responsible and successful.

My money doesn’t control me. I control my money. I do not compromise my authenticity, values or integrity for the sake of money. I know my honor, respect and integrity will lead me to more and more income opportunities.

I am practical with money. I attract great deals and bargains.

I am controlled with money. I do not allow pressure or persuasion to cloud my judgement.

I am content with the money I have while also being open to more money coming in. I welcome and nurture prosperity in my life.

I understand the income I need. I understand the income I have. I understand the income I want in.

My relationship with money is clear, clean and manageable. Money serves to help me reach the lasting memories and moments I want.

I attract wealth. I attract people who are in line with my financial needs, strategies and values. I attract wealth in every area of life.

I never value money more than my health. Money is valuable but I am more. I don’t sacrifice my health and lasting relationships for money.

I am comfortable with wealth. I know my worth isn’t based in currency. My worth and value can never be measured.

As I continue to grow my health, I continue to grow my wealth.

Affirmations by Josie Ong

Music by Kevin MacLeod

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