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Feb 15, 2015

Garbage Day Visualization

Clearing old beliefs...

Finding a comfortable position, prepare to release thoughts and beliefs that you no longer want in your mind and in your life. It’s now time to clear mental and emotional clutter for good and create a new version of yourself.

Taking deep breaths and tuning into your body, begin drawing to mind the beliefs and thoughts that no longer work for you. Ones that maybe served a purpose for a while, but are no longer needed or maybe ones that have always held you back and are deeply rooted from childhood.

Take some time to scan your mind and draw these old thoughts and beliefs out of you. With your mind’s eye, picture yourself moving around to the places and spaces where these beliefs were born, held or discovered. Now visualize the incredible, powerful bag in your hand, and with your other hand, begin transferring the old beliefs into this bag. Continue collecting these everywhere you go, until the landscape of who you are does not contain anymore of this garbage.

Keep breathing slow deep breaths and remind yourself of how important this is, in order to take yourself and your life to the next level. It can be tough to release things so familiar, but think about why you are doing this and how you’ve worked so hard to be ready to enjoy a life of health and freedom.

You turn head as you hear the sound of the garbage truck braking and turning off its engine. You smile as you see the helpers come to offer to carry the garbage to the truck for you. You accept the offer but ask for one last moment with your trash. In a bold, firm voice, you declare that these thoughts and beliefs are no longer welcome in your life, in your mind, in your composition. You hand over the bag and feel the release in your body from head to toe. A deep breath and wave of relaxation falls through your entire being. You feel yourself yawn in response to all that has just happened. What a release. What a relief.

You now hear the garbage truck start its engine and watch as it moves out of your sight, getting smaller and smaller with each moment. You can feel your muscles and skin relax and loosen in this pivotal moment. “I can live a new way” you proclaim as the tinge of excitement rolls through your cells. You realize life will be different from this moment forward and a newfound strength and sense of security emerges.

Moving forward, you know life will be wrapped in new found happiness, awareness, and satisfaction. You can listen to beliefs that work for you and for the life you want to live. You notice now each step you take is less heavy and more smooth – you are walking a new path and celebrating a new you.

Visualization by Josie Ong

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