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Feb 23, 2015

Affirmations for Success

It's your time to shine...yes it is

You're ready for this

Think back to all the ups and downs

Think back to all you had to pull through

Think back to the times you wanted to give up

But you didn't

Now it’s time to celebrate

Now it’s time to reflect and be appreciative

You believed in yourself

Look at what you've accomplished

Look at all the milestones

You reached this goal

So be the right kind of proud

Be proud of who you are right now

Be proud of where you are right now

Think of how you got here

What it took to get here

Be thankful

Be appreciative

Be strong

Mark this success somehow

Make a ritual for your success

Celebrate your success

It's okay to be successful

It's okay to savor this moment

So embrace success with open arms

There are more opportunities down the road

There's more that's going to happen down the road

But here, here in this moment...

You got it, you did it

And you can be very satisfied with that

You are who you are

And this whole journey thus far has shaped you and formed you

You've proved that you can endure

You've proved that you can feel discouraged and keep going

You’ve proved that you can feel disappointed, frustrated, shocked, lost and still make it through

That's you, that's who you are, that's how you do things

And it got you here

Here you are...successful

Here you are...

And don't neglect this moment

Don't set it aside and say "it doesn't matter" or "I should have done this a long time ago" or "anybody could have do this" - you did this

You made it happen

You made it work

And it wasn't a walk in the park

So give yourself credit

It's okay to give yourself credit

It's okay to be proud of yourself

It shows you believed in yourself

You worked hard and you got there

It's okay to be a coach, mentor or partner to yourself

And just say hey, great job. That was amazing. That was incredible

This is your success

It's 100% yours

Receive it

Enjoy it

Honor this moment

And look forward to the next one

Affirmations by Josie Ong

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