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Feb 27, 2015

Affirmations for Discipline (Calling all procrastinators)

I am disciplined. I take a task and break it down into smaller parts. I do something to take care of these smaller parts every day.

I value mental energy and I choose to place it into getting things done instead of worrying about when to get things done.

I am relaxed. I pace myself. It's trying something new, it's different but it's a goal I have and a goal I want to reach.

I check why I procrastinate. What belief is there. Why do I choose this? Why do I want to change this? How do I change this? What will help me change this? And what pitfalls do I need to avoid?

I learn where my goals and behaviors don't match and discover new ways to apply what I know I what I do. I recognize my behavior can shift and I implement this shift.

I visualize how I will feel when this is done. I set up a reward for when I've completed this. I recall what has distracted me in the past and place clear strategies for reducing and eliminating distraction. I apply self-control and self-restraint so I can accomplish this and many other goals in my life.

I will share my discipline goals with trusted people in my life. I choose those who encourage and support me.

Now, instead of delaying, putting things off, dragging my feet, I am pro active and I tackle things without fear, dread or weakness. I easily toss the unnecessary and step into the disciplined path and I stay on this path. I follow through and I follow up with strength, focus and determination. I am more disciplined every day. I am more persistent every day. I move forward every single day.

I imagine myself as a new self. One who is not afraid to do what needs to be done and is able to set aside what doesn't need to be done. I make more time by learning how to shave time. I am hungry to reach this goal. I apply my skill at knowing what is a waste of time and turn to what is a productive way to spend my time.

I budget my time wisely. I have a clear sense of what I am responsible for and how I am going to achieve it. I acknowledge the emotional benefit of reducing stress in my life by being disciplined. I am a friend to myself and I will support, motivate and coach myself to these new goals. I remember that this isn't a matter of my ability, it's a matter of choice. I am able to complete this task but when and how is a shift I want to make. I don't have to be motivated by pressure, I don't have to be motivated by stress. I am in charge of my life, my time and my growth. I address my struggles openly and honestly and I see discipline as a new characteristic of who I am.

Affirmations by Josie Ong

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