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Apr 9, 2021

Join Me?

We've seen and heard the rise of anti-Asian hate and attacks.  Thank you to everyone who has checked in with me.

Here's my first Fireside chat where you'll hear a variety of voices and perspectives on racism. I encourage you to take some time out to listen to "A Conversation on Anti-Asian Hate"

The sister...

Jun 14, 2020

Being Anti-Racist

Dismantling privilege can bring up mixed and complicated emotions.  Let this episode help you through it: "Anti-Racism Affirmations"  

The sister episode to this one is Episode 263 Affirmations Because Black Lives Matter

The black community needs us. Let's end racial injustice.

Black Lives Matter....

Jun 7, 2020

They need us. Let's end racial injustice.

Black Lives Matter. Amplify Melanated Voices.

George Floyd October 14, 1973 - May 25, 2020

Tanisha Anderson who died November 12, 2014

Ahmaud Arbery 1994 - February 23, 2020

Michael Brown May 20, 1996 - August 9, 2014

John Crawford July 29, 1992 - August 5, 2014

Ezell Ford...