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Sep 20, 2021

Here's the premium BONUS episode “I'm Moving Forward (Voice Only)” It’s NOT available on the Affirmation Pod podcast. It’s ONLY available for premium access members and you can cancel anytime. 

How do I sign up for premium access? 
Sign up at, then download the app at, go to "Settings" and tap on "Premium Sign In" to sign in.  

How do I cancel my premium subscription?
Go to, login and tap Cancel, then to confirm tap Cancel My Subscription.  

Screenshots on how to cancel are at

If you cancel your subscription, you still get premium access until your subscription is up.  After that, you can still listen to the Affirmation Pod podcast on the app for free!

If you have any issues with it, contact us at

How do I update my subscription?
For info on how to update your payment method, subscription plan or password, go to 

How do I make a personalized playlist? 🎧
Find out how to make your own ad free Affirmation Pod playlist that you can also listen to offline by going

How do I know which episodes are premium episodes?📱
There's a “Premium” tab which lists everything that's only available for premium members.  Go to More > Premium

There's also a “Bonus” tab that has all the bonus content that you won't hear on the Affirmation Pod podcast.  Go to More > Bonus

Here's screenshots of the tabs:

Note: we've heard from many of you that you want to be able to disable podcast versions and more easily display the premium versions.  We are working on this and appreciate your patience! 

How do I send feedback and episode requests?
I love hearing how I can serve you better! Send in your feedback and requests at
Thank you for being a premium access member! ❤️ 

Search "Change and Moving On Premium” for more episodes in this category.

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