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You've found the #1 Affirmations Podcast!  Affirmation Pod is where you get soothing affirmations, infused with self-love, available 24/7.

"I'll listen to these while I'm brushing my teeth or getting a facial.  She always drops some nuggets." - Gabrielle Union


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Oct 31, 2017

Here's a rebroadcast of You are Worthy and Deserving and I am Able.  Both are available without ads and announcements at Affirmation Pod ACCESS. 

The sister episode to this one is Episode 130 Believing in Yourself and Not Giving Up


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Oct 30, 2017

Here's the premium version of podcast episode 131 “You Are Worthy Deserving and Able (With Music)” with no ads and no announcements.

Oct 22, 2017

Need to Believe in Yourself More?

Here's affirmations for believing in yourself on and not giving up, particularly in challenging times.

The sister episode to this one is Episode 131 You are Worthy, Deserving and...

Oct 21, 2017

Here's “130 Believing in Yourself and Not Giving Up” with no ads and no announcements.  

Oct 8, 2017

Looking for that Breakthrough at Work?

Here's Affirmations for Success and Focus at Work.  It's designed for you to use at the beginning of your workweek. 

The sister episode to this one is Episode 127 Confidence at Work



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