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Mar 26, 2016

Connecting with Nature

Thanks Angie and Helene for requesting this!  There's silence in the last 8:35 is for you to continue connecting with nature.

Taking a minute now

To simply breathe and settle in

((one minute of silence for breathing and settling in))

I am present

I am aware of how my body feels right now

I am aware of what I’m wearing from head to toe

I can feel my body’s position

And my eyes see the beauty of nature around me

Hello nature

Hello calm

Hello tranquility

Thank you for welcoming me here

Thank you for supporting me now

Thank you for your gentle strength

 I open myself up now

To embrace the insights you have for me today

I accept your gifts for me

I absorb your healing for me today

My spirit receives your joy

My soul receives your wisdom

My body receives your purity

My mind receives your clarity

I am renewed

I am refreshed

I am rejuvenated

And I will continue now to connect with you…

((silence continues for for 8:25))

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