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Mar 3, 2016

Affirmations for a School Life Balance

Requested by Helene from and dedicated to her daughter and nursing students everywhere!

I reflect on my school-life balance

I am thankful for the opportunity to further my education

I acknowledge and budget my energy every day

Knowing that I have school, work and a family life to attend to

I address what’s working for me and what’s not working for me

I recognize there are some things I need to stop doing, some things I need to keep doing and some things I need to start doing

I create a strategy for getting my readings done in a manner where I can focus and absorb the information

I monitor myself for when I need a break because I’m not capturing what I need to learn

I create a space to do my homework where I can totally get it done without mental, physical or digital distraction

I am aware of the beliefs that prevent me from having a school-life balance

I am aware of the school-life management strategies that serve me well

And I’m aware of the school-life management strategies that have never worked for me

I am all about growing, improving and learning

Learning at school, learning in life and learning about my self-management

I understand the hang ups that sabotage my success

I understand my strengths that have gotten me to where I am today

I apply my skills at creating a school-life balance

I have confidence in who I am and my ability to stay on track with my studies

I have a goal of getting high grades and a strategy for reaching this goal

I am intelligent

I am diligent

I score well on all assignments and assessments I am assigned

I prepare myself for the curriculum

I am interested in the material

I am grateful for this experience

I am always looking for effective ways to make my learning stick

It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing I am excelling in this program

I am mindful of burnout

I am mindful of my health

I am mindful of how important my studies are but also the things in life that are more important than school

I carve time to rest

I carve time for my learning to crystallize

However I manage to do it, I still make time to play

I still give myself an outlet for my stress

I still check in and communicate with the relationships that matter

I may not be perfect at a school-life balance

But I’m getting better day by day, week by week

I am continually improving my skills at school-life balance

And I’m proud of what I have already achieved in my life

I will continue to shine as school helps me reach my goals

And I remember that my health is my wealth

Self-care will improve my academic performance

And that I am a treasured, valued spirit

I am grateful to have a healthy school-life balance

Affirmations by Josie Ong

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