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Nov 28, 2015

Affirmations for Parenting Young Children

As requested by Jenn Gray - keep shining Jenn!

I love my child.

I accept my child.

I treasure my child.

I am learning my child’s personality.

I am discovering how my child is growing and maturing every day.

I get into my child’s world.

I am not only a parent and caregiver, I am a coach, teacher, leader, observer, encourager, teammate, collaborator and co-creator with my child.

I communicate clearly and age appropriately with my child.

I understand my child’s desire to explore.

I understand how my child is learning through play and experiences.

I get creative in making opportunities for fun and play at any time of day.

I get down to my child’s level and I play too.

I recognize how much learning comes through play.

I remember my child is a child and developing many skills for the very first time...which takes time. I help my child by patiently helping my child learn, grow and mature. I offer encouragement and affirmation at every point of the learning process.

I pay attention to what my child is interested in and where my child’s talents are. I look for resources and experiences to foster these interests and talents.

I read with my child and my child sees me reading and taking genuine interest in my own intellectual development.

I make time hug and cuddle my child. I offer smiles and affection as part of how I create a relationship where my child can feel love, acceptance and belonging.

I explore with my child. I look at my child’s perspective and understand a different view of things.

I teach my child. I am clear on what’s fun and safe and I am clear on what’s dangerous and potentially harmful.

I affirm my child. In every situation, I know how to reframe my words to express acceptance and not shame.

I look at how I can prevent stressful situations for myself and my child.

I implement ways to prevent stressful situations for myself and my child.

I understand my child’s limits and I understand my own limits.

I understand the situations where there is a power struggle with my child .

I am able to step back and check my attitude.

When my patience is thin, I adjust my perspective and my standards.

I also reach out for support anytime I need it.

I brainstorm ways I can be patient with my child.

I use my sense of humour anywhere and everywhere I can.

I laugh with my child. I look for opportunities to be silly and playful.

I understand my child’s needs.

I understand my child’s limitations.

I exercise how to provide redirection.

I model respect by being respectful.

I reflect on how good character develops.

I reflect on how social skills develop.

I reflect on how life skills develop.

I share with my child stories of my childhood.

I affirm my child’s strengths.

I affirm my child’s skills.

I provide opportunities for my child to be involved with family living.

I give my child opportunities to decide how to help with family tasks.

I appreciate the help my child gives to the family.

I affirm the skills my child uses to help with family tasks.

I remember to foster love, belonging and encouragement in my home.

I remember the need for a connection before, during and after a correction.

I am able to say no lovingly and clearly when I need to.

I affirm my child’s uniqueness.

I affirm my child is special.

I encourage my child to discover the unique voice and unique personality inside.

I offer my child opportunities to make age appropriate decisions.

I draw out what my child is thinking or perceiving by asking questions.

I validate my child’s feelings.

I encourage and affirm my child every chance I get.

I validate when my child feels hurt, upset, disappointed or frustrated.

I verbalize when my child feels hurt, upset, disappointed or frustrated.

I validate when my child feels excited, content, confident or relaxed.

I verbalize when my child feels excited, content, confident or relaxed.

I make sure I communicate what my child can do more than I communicate what my child can’t do.

I recognize when my child feels scared.

I help my child process this emotion.

I practice the phrases I want my child to hear and I am careful with language that I want to reduce or leave out altogether.

I express what I see, what I hear and how I feel.

I also remember my non-verbal communication speaks louder than the words I say.

I am skilled at maximizing on teachable moments with my child.

I am quick to praise my child and quick to laugh with my child.

I train my eyes to see and read the body language and nonverbal cues of my child.

I get in tune with my child’s emotional energy and needs.

I practice a life of connection, security and trust with and for my child.

I acknowledge when I feel stressed around my child.

I breathe deeply when I feel stressed.

I remember my child is learning how to cope with stress by watching how I manage stress.

I create points of connection with my child through things like nicknames, original songs, family rituals and secret handshakes.

I help my child learn to identify feelings of fatigue, confusion and frustration.

I help my child learn to identify feelings of satisfaction, achievement and joy.

In all of this, I accept that I am human and am making mistakes.

I am learning from my mistakes and becoming a better parent, day by day, week by week.

I celebrate and am grateful for my role, not only as parent and caregiver, but also as coach, teacher, cheerleader, leader, observer and co-creator for and with my child.

I love my child.

I love being a parent.

I am growing as a parent every single day.

Affirmations by Josie Ong

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