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Aug 8, 2016

Stress Prevention and Reduction

This month’s theme is Stress Management and you can get the free worksheet at

There've been times I've told myself "let's not wait until stress builds up and things go dramatically wrong before making a change."

I don't need to remind us - or maybe I do? - that stress ages us, it puts us more prone to illness or disease.  We don't sleep as well, we don't think as clearly.  For me, it shows up in how I talk, my facial expressions, on my skin etc.

So in this audio blog episode, I share how I've taken action by doing things to reduce and prevent stress in me and in my life.  The ones I highlight are:

  1.  Made bold decisions, a recent one is I quit my job

  2. Give myself wiggle room, I am really careful not to overschedule and overcommit myself

  3. Put money into stress reduction, I purchased food warmers for hosting and entertaining

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Please note:  next month's worksheet is the Self-Care Worksheet.  In your answers for the Stress Management Worksheet, think intervention meaning what to do when stress happens.  Save your prevention strategies for the Self-Care Worksheet.


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