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Apr 4, 2016

Guided Affirmation - I am Significant

Following up on last week’s episode on Core Beliefs, here is the “I am Significant” Guided Affirmation.  You can also get the worksheet at 

This episode gives you time to repeat the affirmations and there will be some where you can fill in the blank.

Taking a couple of deep breaths...

I am significant

I am important

I am human

I have my fair share of my bad days and bad moods

But that doesn’t make me less valuable

I’m not perfect

And I may not always feel strong

But with over 7 billion people in the world, there truly is only one me

No one is exactly like me

I am unique

I don’t always like myself

But I do love myself

I don’t always like what I do

But I accept myself

And I am a friend to myself

I remember that my feelings don’t define me

My thoughts don’t define me either

I determine who and what I am

I am __________

I am __________

I am __________

How did that feel?

I am __________

I am __________

I really am __________

I feel better about myself

I love who I am becoming

I am worthy of love

I am worthy of respect

I am worthy of the right kind of attention

I am worthy of affection

I am a good person

I am lovable

I accept myself

I love myself

I am important

I am significant

Guided Affirmation by Josie Ong

Tip 1:  Write your affirmations down and say them.  This will process them differently in your brain than if just think them.

Tip 2:  It’ll be easier to remember your affirmations if you tag them onto something you already part of your daily routine, like after you brush your teeth, wash your hands, drink your coffee, or put on your pajamas.

If it’s a struggle for you to incorporate affirmations into your life...maybe you’ve tried and it just hasn’t worked, I encourage you to take my online course Journaling Pod.  It includes guided journaling templates in written and audio form and #11 is on core beliefs.  Feel happier, less negative and more productive by journaling for less than 10 minutes a day with Journaling Pod.

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