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Jan 18, 2016

Meditation - I Receive...

Finding a comfortable position

Noticing your breaths deepen and lengthen

Scanning your body

Noticing any tension

And with each breath, releasing the tension

Opening your mind to receive

Opening your heart to receive

Open your spirit to receive

Becoming a sponge to absorb this meditation

I receive healing

I receive wholeness

I receive health

I receive miracles

I receive guidance

I receive blessings

I receive serendipity

I receive happiness

I receive joy

I receive contentment

I receive wealth

I receive prosperity

I receive abundance

I receive peace

I receive serenity

I receive calm

I receive strength

I receive courage

I receive wisdom

I receive clarity

I receive grace

I receive forgiveness

I receive compassion

I receive acceptance

I receive enlightenment

I receive equanimity

I receive tranquility

I receive love

I receive lots of love

Affirmations by Josie Ong

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