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Feb 28, 2017

Affirmations for Confidence

Your 2 minute confidence boost!

I am capable

I am competent

I am confident

I believe in myself

I have qualities and skills that enable me to reach my goals

I am aware of my doubts inside me

I am aware of the patterns that can creep in

I am aware of my insecure patterns

I understand they’re normal

But they aren’t truthful

I remember that the people I want to emulate have their doubts as well

But they push through them

They manage them

And I can manage them as well

I face my doubts

I face my fears

I face my limiting beliefs

I know my abilities

And I am 100% confident in me

I stick it to my doubts

By letting them have their voice but not power over me

My inner strength forms and shapes me in the direction of my goals

I do naturally compare my life with that of others but I don’t let it bring me down

I continue moving forward even when I meet obstacles

Never having doubts would mean I’m overconfident

And I don’t want that

I make time to clear mental clutter

I respond to my doubts with the truth of who I am

I love myself and give myself freedom to grow every single day

I have all I need to succeed

I have all I need to achieve

I have all I need to reach my dreams

I choose to be confident today

I choose to tap into my confidence

I choose to befriend confidence

This confidence shows in how I dress

This confidence shows in how I speak

My confidence shows in how I walk

I accept the unique and amazing me

I trust the flow of life and I am a force of greatness

I am strong and I boldly go after what I want in life

I am real

I am authentic

I feel confident

I feel secure

I feel strong

I am a confident being

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