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Feb 26, 2015

Relaxation and Gratitude II

Carry this with your wherever you go...

Taking deep, comfortable breaths. Finding a relaxed and comfortable position. Settling into this relaxed and comfortable position.

Continuing your deep breaths. Being present to what this moment is right now. Being still and allowing each breath to put you in a state or relaxation.

Feeling the muscles in your face ease. Feeling the muscles in your body loosen. Feeling grounded, feeling centered.

Continue your deep breathing. Taking deep breaths in, feeling your stomach fill up with air and feeling that air release with each exhalation.

I am in tune with and grateful for this moment. I am thankful for my ability to love. I am grateful for my ability to feel. I am thankful for my ability to think. I am thankful for my ability to understand.

I am grateful for my ability to cope. I am grateful for my ability to be strong. I am grateful for my ability to comfort others. I am grateful for my ability to comfort myself. I am grateful for my ability to appreciate.

I am grateful for my ability to improve. I am grateful for my ability to change. I am grateful for my ability to grow.

I am grateful for my ability to relax. I choose now to feel the flow of life throughout my body. I feel warm, loving energy flowing from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet. I will carry this relaxation with me, wherever I go, whatever I do.

I am relaxed. I am in a state of gratitude.

Meditation by Josie Ong

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