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Feb 28, 2015

Affirmations for Inspiring Creativity

Rowena on Twitter requested this - enjoy creating my friend!

I am creative.

I am a creative being.

I am in tune with my creative self.

I am aware of the creative energy flowing through me.

I can visualize, sense and know what I want to create and allow those ideas to be expressed, come to be and be made real.

I have creative projects that I give myself time to work on and complete.

I choose projects that give me the opportunity to express my creativity.

Every day I pause and I ask myself what creative ideas do I have today.

I enjoy creating. I enjoy seeing what I create. I enjoy not overthinking things and simply feeling my way through it.

I am healing myself through my creative work, I give myself permission for my creativity to be expressed in which ever form is appropriate that gives me happiness and fulfils my creative self and expression for the highest good.

I feel so alive when I create. I lose track of time. I am totally alive when I create.

I am always creative.

I discover new creative ideas in the moments I least expect it.

I see inspiration no matter where I am. I feel inspiration bubble to the surface in the most unexpected places.

I have unlimited creativity. My creative abilities shine when I connect with them.

I am a creator. I add my unique signature and style to all my creations.

My creations inspire others. My creations deliver joy, healing and love.

My entire being flows with creativity, creative ideas, creative outcomes.

My creative energy is full of love. My creative energy is full of goodness. My creative energy is full of warmth.

When I am creative, I am the authentic and genuine me.

I open my creativity to my life.

I apply my creativity to my life.

My life is better because I express my creative side.

I love how my body feels when I give it time to create.

I love how my brain feels when I give it time to create.

I love how my soul feels when I give it time to create.

Creativity is a part of me, my thinking, my behavior and my lifestyle.

I relax my mind, body and spirit to connect with my creative core.

I appreciate what I create as it captures a moment in time.

Creativity helps me see a fresh perspective.

Creativity helps me transform and grow.

Creative ideas comes freely and easily to me.

As a creator, I create.

My body is free to create.

I live creatively.

My ideas flow voraciously.

My creativity empowers me.

I am a creative person.

I am creative.

I am a creator.

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