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Mar 24, 2016

Ten Breaths Relaxation

Time for some progressive relaxation?  Here's a 20 minute guided relaxation episode.  

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Taking a deep breath

Noticing your body’s position

Easing into your body

Now take ten deep breaths…

And as you continue your deep breaths

With each breath

Sensing your body relax

Sinking further and deeper in a relaxed position

Feeling warm relaxation enter you from your toes

Through your feet

And your heels

Acknowledging that your feet hold you up day after day

Giving thanks for what your feet do for you

Feeling peace inside you

Warm relaxation now travels to your ankles

And with each breath, this warmth flows up your calves, the back of your knee, to your hamstrings

Feeling your body go deeper in a state of pure serenity

This warmth now flows up your shins, your knees and your quadriceps

As it flows, it hugs your legs

And wraps you in a profound love
Now take ten deep breaths as you fully experience the relaxation in your legs…

Welcome the warm relaxation to your groin, your hips and your pelvic area

Honor the strength of your core as the warmth continues upward

Giving thanks to your digestive system for nourishing and cleansing you

And take ten full breaths as you restore your core...

Feel the relaxation now circulate in your lower back

Massaging you

Releasing tension

And it slowly flows up to your upper back

Feel your muscles and your spine release tension with each breath

And simply notice how much lighter your back is

With awareness of how your body feels right now, take ten deep breaths...

Feel the warmth hug you now

Up the sides of your body

Into your chest

Receive this love

Receive this embrace

Receive this acceptance

Noticing the love and warmth flow to your shoulders

Your upper arms, your elbows, your forearms and now to your wrists

Allowing each muscle to relax

And experience peace

Feel the warm relaxation now flow to your palms, your hands, and your fingers

One by one each finger and thumb is appreciated

And now take ten deep breaths, noticing the relaxation in your body...
Now take ten deep breaths as you fully experience the relaxation in your legs…

Feel the warmth flow to the base of your neck

And moving up to the top of your head

As it massages you and relaxes you

Give your mind the opportunity to truly relax

Savor each sensation as the warmth circles to your forehead

Your temples, your eyes, your ears, your cheeks

Your nose, your mouth, your chin, your jaw

And in these next ten breaths, absorb the relaxation even further....

Your body is relaxed

Your cells are restored

Your spirit is reinvigorated

Continue your breathing

Continue your healing

Continue your time as you see fit

And invite the warm relaxation to stay with you

Guided Relaxation by Josie Ong

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