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Jul 24, 2016

Affirmations After a Rough Day

Affirmations begin at 3:20 after the preamble.

This month’s theme is Reflections and you can get the free worksheet at 

Originally intended to be an Evening Reflection episode, I had a rough day and decided to change this recording to Affirmations After a Rough Day.

Rough Days are different depending on what season of life you're in.  When I had my season of burnout, I was in bed for 9 days completely exhausted.

Now, my hubs has a cold and daughter had a slight fever.  The lack of sleep, picking up the household slack and managing pregnancy symptoms has me off my podcasting game and my personal game.

Maybe for you it's some unfair crap happening at work.  Or it's battling a physical ailment.  Maybe a relationship is falling apart.

Rough stuff happens.

And we could compare or complain.  But there's always going to be someone who has an easier life than us...and someone who has a harder life than us.

So I made the pivot from my original plan.  Here's Affirmations After a Rough Day. 

Affirmations After a Rough Day

We all have 'em...

Okay rough day
It’s time to close the day
And I accept everything wasn’t easy peasy today
I felt the strain of today
Things didn’t go as they normally do
I didn’t have the strength and energy I usually have
I didn’t have the patience and lightheartedness that I typically have
But it’s okay to have an off day
It’s okay to lower some standards on days like this
I am human
Even with my many blessings, every day has potential for stresses, challenges and incompletions
And I’m not going to resist that
I accept today
I accept who and what I am today
And every day
I am a great person
I do my best
And on days like this
I grab the lowest hanging fruit of selfcare
And the rest can wait until tomorrow
I’ll make a few affirmations for myself
And then just rest
Good night rough day
Good night to the amazing you

Affirmations by Josie Ong

The sister episode to this one is Episode 86 Affirmations When Stressed out


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“Josie's a saving grace. She literally has a positive affirmation for everything. When you don’t feel like getting up at all, she’s got a great positive affirmation.” – Gabrielle Union

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"My go-to podcast when I need motivation and powerful affirmations.  Love the quick self-compassion and self-love affirmations by Affirmation Pod!" - Nihan Gorkem

"So grateful to Josie for helping me through the toughest of times!" - Christina Torres

"This is just my favorite podcast for stress and anxiety. This has helped me through many stressful situations over the past two years." - Reuel Rasheeda


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But imagine what would happen if you started speaking to yourself kindly. Imagine if you embraced all parts of yourself - even the work in progress parts - and welcomed an abundance of self love into your heart, body, and mind.


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“Josie talks to you and sets a really positive tone for the day.” - Maria Hatzistefanis

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"This is just my favorite podcast for stress and anxiety. This has helped me through many stressful situations over the past two years." - Reuel Rasheeda

"If you’re struggling creating your own affirmations as part of your daily practice, I highly recommend Josie Ong’s podcast. They’re super quick to listen to!" - Naomi Powell