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Apr 8, 2016

I Forgive Myself

As requested by Angela - great reminder on how important Self-Forgiveness is!

This month’s theme is Core Beliefs and you can get the free worksheet at


So often it’s easier to forgive others than to even be open to forgiving myself

But it’s time to look at forgiving myself

This kind of forgiveness takes work

It takes stretching myself

It takes putting myself in a whole new headspace

And there may be moments where I’d rather just be angry at myself

I’d rather just hold onto the grudge and punish myself

But choosing to love myself means choosing not to hurt myself anymore

I’ve got flaws and it’s time accept my flaws

I am a good person

I might screw up sometimes

Okay yeah, so I screw up sometimes

Because we all screw up sometimes

And yes, I have royal screw ups in my life

And I’ve done some bad things

And even if I remember what I did

I can remember without holding a grudge to myself

Because I’ve forgiven myself

Some things are easier to leave in the past than others

Some days it’s easier to leave it in the past than others

Today is not yesterday

I know what I could have done differently

I’m choosing now to not allow it to eat at me

I remind myself

Self-Forgiveness is a choice

Self-Forgiveness is a gift

Self-Forgiveness is freeing

I give this to myself

Even when it’s hard because

Because blaming myself

Reliving my guilt

Can somehow make me feel better

But today I’m choosing to make a change

I can’t change yesterday

But I can change today

The past is the past

And right now I’m going to say it’s no longer the present the way it was

The future starts now

I’ve got lessons learned

And I’m giving up holding things against me

I’m trying something new

I’m giving myself another chance

I am releasing myself

I am showing compassion with myself

Life is going to be different

I’m stepping away from judge myself

I’m done with beating myself up

I’m release the grip on the pains of the past

And I forgive me

I’ve admitted what I’ve done

I’ve acknowledged the choices I’ve made

And I choose to accept everything that happened

And go deep inside myself

And really, truly, actually...forgive me

I turn the page

And look at myself differently now

I show compassion to myself

I warmly let go of all the grudges to myself

I welcome healing

I face my fears

I face my judgements

I embrace a new path

I picture what self-forgiveness looks like in me and in my life

And take the first step to a life with self-forgiveness

I am a friend to myself

I am a good person

I forgive me

And I am free

Affirmations by Josie Ong

This month's theme is on Core Beliefs.  There is a Core Beliefs Worksheet to go with this theme at

3 Tips on taking a first step to Self-Forgiveness

If these affirmations brought up some memories, tears or readiness to free yourself of chains that you've put yourself in.  Here's some tips if you wanna tell yourself to let it all go now and give yourself a clean slate.

1.  Write it down

Writing a letter to yourself can help to express how you're feeling now and what a life of self-forgiveness is going to look like for you.  

2.  Create a ritual

Find a symbol of self-forgiveness and put it somewhere that you'll see it everyday.  Or if you feel you've been throwing stones at yourself for years, go out in nature, get a stone and have it represent that you're not going to do this anymore.

3.  Tell someone

Select someone to share this with that is trustworthy and has the emotional muscle to hear these things.  It always helps if they are on a journey of self-forgiveness too!  It could be a friend, family member, or therapist - someone you know will accept and understand this path.

The sister episode to this one is Episode 181 Forgiveness


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